Transportation Club of St. Louis

Gateway  to Logistics - Established in  1907

The Club emphasizes social and philanthropic activities
The Transportation Club of St. Louis

    People who get material moved.

Networking Opportunities and Useful Information


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       Events 2016-17                                (Click Underlined)

Spring Golf - May 11

International Trade Night - May 18

Happy Hour - Jun 8

Cardinal Night - Aug 23

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Horse Hooky - Jul 11

Mouse Races - Sep 15

Special: LTNA - Vegas - Oct 24-26

Next Board Meeting: May 5              Patrick's - 12:00pm

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Transportation Club of St. Louis
Member Opportunities:
 Work with industry folks,
   Share in social opportunities,
    Participate in philanthropy,
      Benefit from industry news.
   To join:
 Fill out the application found on this site
  Send us an email to the address listed below

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Ad Time: 12 Months
Ad Rates:
Corporate Sponsor - $25/Month (Front Page)
  Bus Card - $5/Month 
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Call:  Mike Burke 1-314-679-0021


Membership is available to freight movement companies and individuals involved in trucking, railroad, airlines, and ocean shipping for the domestic and international markets.  Supporting entities such as freight brokers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, legal counsel, insurance providers, banking, and shippers are also welcome.

 This Club sponsors special events throughout the year to promote the St. Louis freight transportation industry.

We invite everyone who has an interest in the Transportation Industry to join us.

Chapter of: Logistics and Transportation Association of North America