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The Transportation Club of St. Louis

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Member Spotlight


                                           Andrew Petroline

                                        Warehouse Solutions

In a nutshell, what is your company all about?

I offer Warehouse and Manufacturing Solutions and am out of Edwardsville, IL.
I have: 
             - pallet or carton racking
             - conveyors & automation
             - platforms & mezzanines
             - guards, safety cages, directional signage
             - fire and productivity/throughput assessments and installation of all

What is your position in the company, what do you do?

Sales and Project Management

What makes your company different from other companies in your industry?

Most of my competitors offer racking and shelving, but over the course of our 12 years we’ve picked up a product line that is far longer and more vestal. Also being the acting project manager I am available and guide the entire solutions life cycle.

What was your company's most recent greatest accomplishment?

Installation into two local new builds that together total over 1 million square feet of warehouse space. Most importantly helping a space become a way for the customer to grow their business by using the right steel and the right layout.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your industry?

The thinking that warehouse equipment is just for storage. It can double the density of a space, increase how much product/profit is shipped out the door or it can save labor costs by correcting placement that cuts travel time. I’ve seen a single conveyor system eliminate a company’s overtime.

Why are you a Transportation Club Member?

I came for the chance to network and do business, but stayed because I made some friends.