Transportation Club of St. Louis

Gateway  to Logistics - Established in  1907

The Club emphasizes social and philanthropic activities
The Transportation Club of St. Louis

    What these are all about

Event List

Ladies Day Luncheon (LDL)

Each December the Traffic Club sponsors a Christmas Party for our ladies.  The party includes a luncheon, a gift for each lady, and fun for all.  It is usaually our first opportunity to train the current year's President how to speak in public, that alone is worth attending.  We also have a silent auction to raise funds for our charity donation.


 Bell Ringing (BR)


 Each year the Traffic Club sponsors a Bell Ringing session for our members.  This is our direct oopportunity to support the Salvation Army.  We have a time window for members to be a ding-a-ling for a worthy cause.  It is also an opportunity for those on duty to share stories and experiences with each other, some of which may even be true.


Annual Dinner (AD)

The Annual Dinner is the Traffic Club's formal event of the year.  This is a member's oopportunity to share a first class evening with clients and friends.  Always held at a first class location, this event is a tradition and a part of the Traffic Club fabric.  Held in March, it is an opportunity to honor those who have made this Club a success, meet old friends from the industry, and hear a great speaker.  Plan to attend now.


International Trade Night (ITN)


This event is sponsored by the St. Louis Regional International Partnership and the Traffic Club has joined as a partner.  It is an opportunity for a wide variety of companies and individuals engaged in International Trade to come together for information sharing and getting to know the current players.  Partners include: Boeing Institute of International Business at Saint Louis University; Center for International Education, Webster University; Center for International Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis; International Trade Center, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Missouri Department of Economic Development, Business & Community Services; Missouri District Export Council; Tri-City Regional Port District; U.S. Export Assistance Center, St. Louis; and the World Trade Center of Saint Louis.


National Transportation Week (NTW)


National Transportation week is in the month of May.  Each year our Club sponsors an outing for third graders to have a glimpse of how we move freight.  Members have the opportunity to be a host, provide the children lunch, provide small gifts, or just be there with them to share yourself.  Make plans to be a part of this year's even.


Golf (Fall and Spring)


Each fall our club sponsors a golf tournament for members, guests, and those interested in joining.  It is not necessary to be an accomplished golfer to play.  We offer golfing assistants from the Club members to help those who sometimes miss the fairway and can use some pointers along the way.  Refreshments, lunch, dinner, and prizes are always a part of each outing.  The best part is sharing a great time with friends and making new friends too.


Helping the Hungry (HH)


This event was began life in the fall of 2012.  After a resounding success, the Club has elected to hold it each year.  What better way to help your fellow man?


Cardinals Night


A great night for associates and customers to enjoy the private suite at the game.  Prior to the game, get the evening started at the Happy Hour.


Hockey Night


A great night for associates and customers to enjoy the private suite at the game.  Prior to the game, get the evening started at the Happy Hour.


 Horse Hooky


A great afternoon for associates and customers to enjoy the horse racing at Fairmont Park.  The cost for entry is cheap, but the fun is priceless.  It is always a good time comparing your aquestrian selection ability with your friends.  They are always up for a good laugh, right!