AL Hursey

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Transportation Club of St. Louis

                                     Happy Holidays--December 2018 is Here

Hello again everyone it’s time for another wonderful Al’s Corner note, the last one for 2018. I really hope that the Christmas and New Year’s holidays provide some much-needed relief, and joy. For me I have a tradition of going home, turning the fireplace on, roll out a blanket, lay on the coach, curl up with a good book, and then put on some loud Gangster Rap, or Acid/Head Banger/ Rock music. You know, something to sooth my soul!!! Just joking, I don’t read books!!! As for the Transportation Club one of our biggest and most fun events of the year is also in December---The Ladies Day Luncheon. The fabulous 9th Street Abbey, in the Soulard area, will be the location for all the fun once again. Gates open at 10:30 am and goes until 2 pm. The “After Glow” party will continue a few yards away at Lewellen’s around 2 pm for anyone that can not attend the Ladies Day party. See you there!!

Ugly Sweater Party Update—on November 29th the YSCP hand their 2 und Annual Ugly Sweater party again at Nicks Pub. Of course, many UGLY Sweaters were seen, mine included. I hate my sweater, I really didn’t think anything could make me look any worse, but this thing does so I wear it only once a year. Again, it was very well attended with many other unpleasant, hard on your eyes, sweaters displayed. The YSCP President Kelly Costello (told you I would mention you!!), did a great job in throwing the event. Casie Mcclearen (mentioned you as well), Wendy Topp, and the “Life Coach” Michael Tobin made my evening a blast! Lots of new faces too.

This month’s topic “Take Time to Enjoy the Holidays.”

To me this year has been difficult with all the political turmoil, mass shootings, border issues, race issues, and fierce mean elections that pitted millions of Americans against each other. I could go on and on. Personally, I lost a very close friend again, Dennis Kania. He was my arch rival in golf. His self-proclaimed nickname was “The Master of Golf.”

So, my brief message this month is for EVERYONE to take a deep breath, relax, give thanks for what you have now, and make time for your friends and loved ones. Maybe do something nice for someone, enjoy. This may be the best time in your life.

Have a great month,

AL Hursey, Giltner St. Louis