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                                                           Virus Slows, Social Unrest

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It is time once again for another Al’s Corner, this one is for June 2020. Rarely over the years have I been kind at a loss for words on what I wanted to write about (perhaps first time ever???) but I was for this one.  And then came the Police brutality in Minneapolis, awful, sad, and wrong. The only positive for the month was basically the virus seems to be slowing, and the country was opening back up some as well. It had to as unemployment is now around 40 million, hopefully most are temporary.

But first SOMETHING POSITIVE----As most of you know this note is written for the St. Louis Transportation Club, so I talk about Transportation related stuff as much as I can. For me, and Brad at Rockfarm STL, Bill Frerichs owner of Frerichs Freight Lines, and Jimmy Smith of River Roads Sales and Leasing we had the privilege of giving out free lunch’s last month to truckers.  It was sponsored by The Illinois Truckers Association and conducted on I-64 near O’Fallon, IL at a weigh station. It was an incredible day as around 20 volunteers (Illinois State Troopers too thanks!) gave out 500 lunches in 2 hours.  All of us felt honored to be able to give out and meet many of our countries unsung heroes that keep all of us supplied with life’s necessities. Thanks to Jimmy Johns too for doing a great job with the lunch boxes and they deserve our support too.  For me it was amazing to see the diversity of people driving that day. Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, old, young, husband and wife, every ethnicity possible, you name it. I have always felt that the driving career was tough, could be lonely, and their income should way higher as they give up so much of their homelife time being away.  Many though enjoy the freedom, seeing the country, and this lifestyle too. I think if the industry has a short-and long-term fear it is that many people now want everything delivered, but will enough of us be willing to drive a truck? Anyway, thank you truckers, we appreciate you!


For me, I have recognized that others are struggling so I have been trying to make a difference in our region by doing food drives, financially supporting charities like Hands That Serve, and LifeWise (formerly Kingdom House) that lend a helping hand to the needy. Our office Rockfarm STL has stepped up our game to help people in need.  For me, I just want others to have the same opportunities I had to succeed, I care.  So, I also donate my time and money also to the Greater St. Louis YMCA and the Tri Cities location in Granite City.  The Y supports communities with fantastic, sometimes little-known services for poorer children and families, but also ones that are doing well. The YMCA is all about community, which is something we need and will need more of in the future.
So, go out and be nice or help someone, it is a great time to do it.  I had written much more but decided that what I had to say may be better said later. I have found, like many others I think that the stress of everything is bothering me.  I feel jittery.  I have concluded that I cannot save or fix the world!!!  What a surprise.

Have a great month,

Al Hursey
Rockfarm St. Louis 618795-3672