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                      St. Louis Blues Win First Stanley Cup













Welcome everyone to the July 2019 Al’s Corner note. This note will be dedicated to the St. Louis Blues. I am still recovering from the St. Louis Blues Hockey Team winning The Stanley Cup in game 7 over the hated Boston Bruins. Without question them winning was a huge surprise as the team was the worst in the league as of January 3, 2019. No team has ever recovered from such a slow start in any sport. I remember asking Brad in early January “is it possible they could win 10 in a row or something?” We both kind of shook our head no. Ultimately, they did win a team record 11 in a row which put them back in contention to make the playoffs. From there they got in and won 4 very tight series (Winnipeg, Dallas, San Jose, and Boston). The 2nd biggest surprise might be the incredible support the team received during the 2 month long, stressful, journey from the St. Louis region and its fans. In the Cup Finals thirty thousand fans watched the home games just down the street outdoors, while The Enterprise Center (at the game) and Ballpark Village (also watching) added another 25,000 fans. For the last month road games were played on the video board to a full house at Enterprise Center called “watch parties.” The road Game 7 of the finals had 2 watch parties, one at Enterprise 18,000 fans, and another outdoors, in the rain at Busch Stadium 25,000 fans, plus a packed Ballpark Village. TV ratings broke every record too. The joy for most St. Louisans was unbelievable with a mixture of tears, disbelief, relief, screaming, pride, celebrations, and drinking.

For me, since I attended the Blues 2nd game ever;

*It was a combination of long held dreams completed.

*Thoughts, memories and disappointments erased.

* The wish that we would do it all through the playoffs, but not giving in to the dream that we may do it, until we did. This was funny how I believe many other people were doing the same thing for fear of being crushed if they didn’t win.

* Finally, I was filled with pure joy and relief that we had done it.

*And what I call a babbling of tears and laughter type of thing that was totally uncontrollable (resembled mumbling) as the game ended. I watched at home on my big screen alone while hearing my wife Kathy yell upstairs throughout the game urging them on. We hugged (anything to get hugs from her!!!) and jumped up and down.

After the game 7 win, 3 days later, St. Louis Celebrated with a huge parade from Union Station downtown that ended at the foot of the Arch 3 hours later. Over 500,000 people attended this event, and the joy was amazing! This was the biggest celebration in the history of the city mostly because it took over 50 years for it to finally happen. I am relieved that it finally happened. Can’t wait till next year! Go Blues!


AL Hursey, President - Giltner St. Louis