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Transportation Club of St. Louis


                                                  March 21 is Hockey Night

Now that my bout with the incredible hacking “Influenza A” bug is over it is now time for the late arriving version of Al’s Corner for March 2019.  The only possible positive outcome of having the Virus is that the 1,000 coughs may have tightened my neck muscles enough to reduce the size of my double chin!!!  I would have thought that as much as I talk that would have had an impact, but it hasn’t.  Anyway, I am happy to promote this month’s big event the Transportation Club of St. Louis Hockey Night.  This time the mostly surging St. Louis Blues take on their old, once hated rivals--Redwings.  The Blues did win a team record 11 games in a row from mid-January to late February that at the time of this writing has produced much optimism, and really revived an apparent “lost season.”  Since the New Year the Blues have been one of the leagues best teams, so LET’S GO BLUESThe price is $95 that includes a ticket to the game, from 430-645 an open bar and food Happy Hour at the Fox Midwest Sky Box, and free VIP entry into the PBR Bar after the game.  


I hope to carry on my tradition of singing “O Canada” sometime during the night’s festivities!!


This month’s topic is to promote someone who I believe deserves promoting and or just given a chance. 


Ever notice resumes of people you have never heard of? I try to read all of them no matter the interest I have.  Anyway, you may have seen a resume’ posted on Brad’s weekly employment bulletin a few times?  Her name is Becky EslingerBecky and I are friends, and even more importantly, she is my wife’s daughter and my step daughter.  I realize that my monthly note is not read by as many people as I wish did, but I really would appreciate if you would take the time to read this segment and possibly help her.  Here are a few reasons that I believe she deserves your help and consideration.  Becky works 3 jobs (one for 12 years), has no personal issues, and has excellent transportation.  She has a silly fun personality, is pretty (she is Kathy’s daughter you know), dependable, and a nice person.  Obviously, she is a good worker.  But the 3-job gig, 60-70 per week is too much over the long term.  I hear many people say, “people just don’t want to work,” this lady does!  With that in mind, Becky is working but doesn’t make enough on her main job that she likes very much.  So, she works 2 others as well (one is just a few hours per week).  It is one thing to work a lot of hours, another thing to still struggle financially.  Becky has worked at a corporate office doing accounting stuff for several years and is a Receiving Manager now at a large retail store.  She has lots of experience with P.O.’s, BOL’s, and inventory and accounting.  Becky also has some insights into how business should be done (she cares) and has some good business sense.  She has also put up with me talking about Transportation stuff over the years so she should be up for Saint Hood!!!  You are probably asking me why don’t Brad and I hire her?  We did consider it, but the family thing is always tough, so we aren’t doing it.  Plus, I don’t think being a freight broker is her cup of tea.  


Ok, that’s it for March, I hope everybody stays healthy,

AL Hursey, Giltner St. Louis