AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis      618-795-3672

Transportation Club of St. Louis

                                             Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Time for the November 2019 version of the “Al’s Corner” note. Let’s get this party going by covering some of our Transportation Clubs events that we had in October.

The Fall Golf Outing on October 5th at Quail Creek had 80 golfer’s and once again was a fun event. Great job again by Brad Reinhardt and his merry band of volunteers. Without volunteers, which can be tough to find at times, the success of any event would not happen.

The fabulous YSCP group held another Happy Hour at Double D’s Karaoke on Oct. 17th and again was well attended and was a ball. The singing seemed to be a little better than the last time, cheers!

The hugely popular LTNA National Conference was held on October 23, 24th and had a nice 100 plus turnout in Nashville, TN. Again, congrats to Brad for another fantastic event!

In overview, it seems that many events attract the different attendees, for golf (Spring and Fall), YSCP, LTNA, Ladies Day, Annual Dinner, Cards and Blues night, and join events like International Night. I would say over 350 people participate but only a few goes to all of them. I find that GREAT overall as clubs like these are reducing pretty much every year, not us! Please go to our website and check out some photos of our events.

This month’s timely topic is concerning Poor or Bad driving on our highways. Over the past few years I have been wanting to discuss this topic. As I started to think about this note it became evident how blessed I have been in my life. I have a great wife, family, friends, customers, and business partner. It hit me though as I drove in this morning (saw a terrible accident) how I have lucky I have been. Now years ago I was seriously hurt with my dad by a person lighting a cigarette, thus rear ending us at 45 PH. I know how bad it can be. So, here is my main statement---lots of people cannot or refuse to drive a car without doing it unsafely. It is very scary to me how bad it is out there. Every day I see someone driving close to 100 MPH! Tailgating, texting, cutting people off, angry driving, unsafe lane changes (many at the last minute), crazy high-speed driving, terrible motorcycle driving, distracted, impaired, and even car chasing (shooting at each other) and racing. To me it is shocking how bad many of the drivers are on the road. It is that bad. Why?

1. You are not a race car driver.
2. It is not macho.
3. It does not make you cool driving aggressive, it makes you a danger to society.
4. You are not really saving more than a few minutes on your trip.
5. You may really hurt yourself.
6. You may hurt seriously an innocent other driver, their passengers, yourself and your passengers.
7. You are breaking the law.
8. It can be very expensive.
9. Why do it? Cause you are selfish, and even more importantly not thinking about how bad your diving could change your life---you could go to Prison or be crippled etc….

I completely understand how things can happen on the roads, that is why they call it accidents, and I am not perfect either. But, safe, considerate, and respectfulness of the laws and others is greatly needed.

Many people travel on the holidays, so how about trying to drive safely, or safer than you ever have, and thus ensure yourself, your passengers, a Great Thanksgiving!


AL Hursey, President - Giltner St. Louis