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Transportation Club of St. Louis

                              This New Year brings a Big Change for Us

Happy New Year everyone, and as I hear all the time, 2019 went fast. With that said welcome to the first Al’s Corner of the of the new decade. I have lots of stuff for you (I never seem to run out!!), so let’s get with it.

Our next big event is The Holiday Party on January 29th again at the Hideaway in south STL. The fun starts at 430 until ??? with food provided and a cash bar. ALWAYS the most interesting event, so you will not want to miss it!

It would be wrong to leave out the biggest highlight in St. Louis for 2019, The St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup. Yes, the blues had a superfan who I believe inspired them and is an incredible story. But for me and 1000’s of others, it was a very long, and mostly nerve-racking, frustrating journey of over 50 years (I went to the Blues 2nd game ever). I will never forget the years that I would hear Dan Kelly’s words “so long until year.” Year after year this would ultimately happen as I either listened to him or watched it alone on TV as the Blues were eliminated. Then on June 12th, a 7th game that was sure to be a loss, ended the drought with a 4-1 victory. I stood by my big TV when it was 4-0 with Kathy (after jumping up and down for minutes), and I said, “it is really happening, Boston will not score 4 times in 4 minutes.” I cried and laughed at the same time. I was a little tipsy too, because I really couldn’t bare thinking about what if we won or lost. I hear lots of people felt the same way, including some of the players and management.

Others like my business partner Brad, who is a huge fan, even had license plates “Need Cup” I knew was out of his mind with joy, along with his whole family. He wouldn’t even discuss winning it all, to afraid.

I had a nephew Chris and his wife sit at Busch Stadium, in the rain, celebrating. The whole town went crazy, and then we had a huge parade. What a moment for this town! Thanks Blues, for checking off a bucket list for so many, something I think most St. Louisans never thought would happen. Ok, how about 2 in a row!!!

The big announcement from our office is we will be leaving Giltner and moving on to Rock Farm on January 9th. I want to make this perfectly clear, Giltner is a GREAT company with an awesome corporate staff, and owner. We are doing this to hopefully be able to offer more technological solutions. It has been a great 7 years and of course, the door will always be open.


AL Hursey, President - Giltner St. Louis