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Transportation Club of St. Louis

                                         Happy New Year 2019 is Here

Every time I hear the phrase “Happy New Year” I think of Eddie Murphy in the movie “Trading Places” saying that in his typical funny slang. Makes me feel happy every time! With that said it is on to the January 2019 version of my “Al’s Corner” note.

This month is home to the annual New Years Happy Hour event held January 23 once again at The Hide Away located on 5900 Arsenal Street in South St. Louis. The madcap, zany, high jinx (love using very old silly fun names) begins at 5 pm till????? Food will be provided, and a cash bar.

See you there!!!

This month’s timely topic is on New Years resolutions. The few of you that read this note regularly know that I have made a few of them over the years. Like most people weight loss and self-improvement types of things rank high on everyone’s list. Weight loss for me is on my list again (sadly forever probably), but I also have some business and home improvement types of things I want to accomplish as well.

A big change in 2018 was moving our office this year. Every day I walk in I feel so lucky and blessed. Thanks to all of our loyal customers for your support who without we would never have done it.

For many people I am close to 2018 was not the best. I lost a close friend, and many others lost friends and relatives too. One friend of mine lost his dog and mother-in-law all the in the last few days of the year. Life is full of ups and downs so all we can do is love, cherish, and appreciate the good times. So here is to a wonderful 2019 and a prayer that everyone that reads this note has the best year EVER!


AL Hursey, Giltner St. Louis