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Transportation Club of St. Louis

                                               YSCP Happy Hour this Month, Golf October 4

Hello everyone, sit back, relax, as we head into the last 3rd of 2019. This means it also time for another Al’s Corner note. This month, per the request of an old friend Rhonda, I will try to make this a more light- hearted message. It seems that my never-ending rants about trucking is wearing on her. But I am caught in middle, our fabulous webmaster, likes my topical discussions on freight, the economy and such. How can I win??? Yikes, they may be my only regular readers!!! I guess I am assuming that they both can read!!!!

This month I have one event to promote, but since the Fall Golf outing is Friday October 4th, I will mention it too.

YSCP Happy Hour is Wednesday September 18th from 4pm till??? The location is the Westport Social. These YSCP’rs are a fun, energetic bunch, so mark your calendars.

Fall Golf—Friday October 4th at Quail Creek, starts at 11am. Lunch, dinner, drink tickets, networking and fun is guaranteed.

Ok Rhonda, here we go, on to the fun banter.

Being a member of the St. Louis Transportation Club has had its incredible moments. It’s had tons of it. So, I am going to start this trip down memory lane by telling I how we first met. Twenty-five years ago, I met this “interesting” “awesome” lady at the downtown Marriot. The event consisted of the “Annual Dinner” and the infamous “Night Riders” luncheon, but also had vender and shipper booths. She was working the Smurfit Stone booth along with another old friend, Scott. Back then this event had around 600 in attendance. The day would start with a lite breakfast and visiting the shipper, vender booths. Then on to the Night Riders lunch which gave out a variety of silly awards like the Limp Lance, and the Man of the Year (for doing something stupid, or crazy) type of thing. Paul Koenig was normally the MC and he was witty, very sarcastic, funny, and always had something entertaining to say. The last year of their existence he claimed that since I was the last person to join, I caused it to close!!! So that was what they honored me for.

We have amazingly been able to keep having 2 golf tournaments per year, as well as the Annual Dinner, Ladies Day Luncheon, International Night, and an end of the year celebration, usually held at the Hideaway. The last is now more in February, as it is slower then. We have added Happy Hours, Blues (The Champs) night and Cards Night too. Another regular event is the LTNA National Conference, this year in Nashville, TN, which Brad doesn’t let me go to!! Just kidding. For 2 years we had Mouse Races to support the Helping the Hungry program. This event was easily one of the funniest as the second one Brad had to fill in for the regular Announcer, and he made it even zanier.

The Ladies Day Luncheon has always had a after party, usually down the street from the 9th Street Abbey, at Llewellyn’s. Years ago, the event was at the church in Soulard, and then it was on to Stagger Inn on the River, or Falonies on Manchester. Many stories and memories from the after parties. Currently, all of our events are thriving still, and new memories are up for grabs today. Will you create one, the only way to find out is by going.

One of my personal favorites is when I named another great lady JB Hot. That still makes me happy, and is still so true!

Anyway, I could go on and on, maybe next time.

Have a great month,


AL Hursey, President - Giltner St. Louis