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AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

           Don’t Miss Cardinal Night on August 23

Welcome to another Al’s Corner for August 2017. I pray that you all survived the miserable heat of mid-July and if you are like me, ready for some NOT plus 100-degree temps. On July 22, the temperature reached 108 with terrible humidity and was one of the hottest days ever in the region. It seems July 14, 1954 with an incredible 115, is the hottest I could find. Bring on the fall!!!

This Note's Format---For those of you that are new to this monthly note here’s what I try to do. Write briefly what is going on (like weather this month) then promote our upcoming events, and then offer an interesting (hopefully) topic. Next up, promoting our events:

Cardinal Night, plenty of seats are available, cost is $85 and is all inclusive in 2 suites. Gates open at 5:30 so you can start the fun early!! One of the best events of the year. We expect to reach 110 guests as usual. Go Cards!

Friday September 15th is the second annual “Helping the Hungry Mouse Races” at the awesome Casino Queen Hotel Conference Center. This is absolutely the craziest event we offer mostly because of the unpredictable mice, the free food, free snacks, free drinks, and free entry. I would highly recommend that you get a room at the hotel because the pre-race fun starts on Friday around 6 pm and the races begin at 7 pm. The event ends at 9 pm but many will head over 50 feet to “Sevens Bar” there for dancing and such, or the Casino Queen to continue your awesome Friday night. Thanks everybody at the Queen for being a friend to this cause. Also, the banquet room is available for rent year-round. Wonderful place!!!

This Month’s Always Interesting Topic (s)—so yesterday I was at Walmart and several workers were coming down the aisle I was in, they were pushing and pulling carts with large plastic boxes on them. I thought they were stocking the shelves then, after watching a little closer, I noticed they were filling out orders. I thought “wow, home delivery is here.” Right now, it is for customers who call in their orders and come there and pick them up. Soon it will be home delivery stuff, or both. For anyone who goes to Wal-Mart many times the biggest problem and aggravation is checking out. So, having it ready for you, without checkout lines, is better. I wonder how far this stuff/change will go. I have heard rumors that employees will make some deliveries on the way home. Uber, is going to also, with Amazon I have heard.

Schnucks in St. Louis is already doing home grocery delivery. Wow!

For me ordering everything on line isn’t particularly appealing, especially just to save hopefully a few dollars on clothes, but I enjoy researching though. I also realize that many people today love shopping on line. I enjoy going to the grocery store and I am a good shopper. Several times per week I stop at a local market, so I when coffee is cheap, for example, I buy 2 or stock up because I know a good price. The feeling of living in the greatest time in the history of the world is always with me. I love the convenience of going shopping for anything whenever I want. I buy most of my cloths in the “Big and Tall Department” at Dillard’s (though since I have lost weight some things I buy are in the normal person’s sections, not that I am normal!!). They have great stuff, and if you work it right (seasonally) rarely do I pay the top price. Their cloths really hold up, top end items at fair prices for me.

If this ever stops (Dillard’s for example) I will be very disappointed. In my heart, I think that some of the things like buying online, eliminating the middle part of having stores, which means only having warehouses, will have long term consequences. It reminds me of the time back when gas was pumped by the station employees. Then they said, “if the customers pump it they will save .10 per gal.” I believe right now the online companies are eliminating/streamlining the tough and expensive parts of retail business-- locations, employees, and inventories. I am not an expert, but this is how I see it, and it does make sense. What the consumer will lose in the future is convenience, but gain in the beginning anyway, financial savings. I think years from now the savings will be gone along with the convenience, some.

Theft worries--I would guess that having so many things being delivered to your home will cause theft to go up too. Shoplifting will be a thing of the past replaced by front door lifting. The need for more delivery drivers too should go up. As is my nature I will remain hopeful and I will try to adapt, even though I am old.

That’s it, have a great month.

I am heading out to the store now!

Giltner St. Louis