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Al's Corner


AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

                Golf and Mice both now in October

Good day everyone and welcome to the October 2017 version of Al’s Corner. BIG MONTH!!! The next two events the Transportation Club of St. Louis and YSCP have on the calendar are golf and mice.

Golf Anyone --- Thursday October 5th is the date for the Fall golf tournament at Quail Creek. For only $85 you get golf, lunch, dinner, 4 drink tickets, prizes, and individual and team awards. ALWAYS is, ALWAYS has been, and ALWAYS will be a crazy fun filled day there. Looks like a big turnout, come on out!!

Mice, Mice, Everywhere --- The Mouse Races for were postponed and are now rescheduled for Friday the 13th in October. Same Mouse time (530 pm), same location (Casino Queen Hotel Banquet Room). Free entry, free food, free beer, free margaritas, Free Stumpy’ s Whiskey and Vodka sampling, free snacks, and you can BYB and snacks. All proceeds go to Hands that Serve. You will also be privileged to meet a real live Sheik (not really), my old high school best friend Curt Kreitner, the best home remodeler in the world there.

*This month’s timely topics --- almost too many to discuss. Two hurricanes hit the U.S., one in the Houston area, the other all of Florida, and a 3rd destroyed Puerto Rico. In the St. Louis another round of social unrest started after the Stockley verdict.

On the hurricane’s the only suggestions or thoughts I can add are: pray for those in need and donate if you can to a charity that you trust will help. Could be your church, Red Cross, and so on. But of all the things that have happened in my lifetime, these hurricanes are amongst the worst. Many people are in need. I realize that for lots of people food drives, and helping the poor are not high on their lists to support. These types of events can cause a rise in poverty because many people live balancing acts financially of doing ok, or struggling. Just saying.

The Social unrest devastated our region. Anyone who knows me very well probably realizes that I have my own opinions on every topic. Some I am more passionate about than others. In 6 years I will share them!!!

See you at Golf and The Mice!!

Giltner St. Louis