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The Transportation Club of St. Louis

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Al's Corner


AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

          Transportation of St. Louis Still Going Strong

Time once again for my Al’s Corner monthly note for June 2018. Seemed like winter lasted too long, and spring never happened, now it just turned hot. Speaking of change after many years our Giltner-St. Louis office has moved to Collinsville, IL from Madison. I want to say thanks to the Kearns Family that owns The Delivery Network Warehouse for providing us a great place to build a business. Lots of memories. Brian, Dan, and Bill who retired earlier in the year, all were great to deal with. We made the move for more room, and it is much closer to home for all of us. We are located just off Horseshoe Lake Road and I-255 at 105 Lanter Court. We have way better food choices, should be safer, and I have already enjoyed some of the 45 miles of bike and walking trails that we are 100 yards from.

Our next St. Louis Transportation Club event is a return to Big Daddy’s in Soulard for a Happy Hour and Networking event on June 6th. Start time is 430 pm, free food, free entry, free fun, and a cash bar.

Our Spring Golf Tournament Rewind---In May we again had our Spring Golf Tournament at Eagle Springs in North St. Louis. Big shout out to Mike and his crew there for another great job. Our attendance was awesome as we had 80 players and over 10 volunteers and vendor booths. Fun times! Thanks everyone who played or volunteered. Our St. Louis Transportation Club website has photos for your enjoyment. For me a few of the pics helped me remember what I was doing that day! Cloudy.

This month’s topic was suggested by our fantastic Webmaster, James Labit. He asked if I would write a series on organization leadership for the club. When writing about our club it is very unfair to compare it now vs. what is was years ago. In some ways it is just as strong like this year’s golf tournament but is very small compared to long ago Annual Dinners. So here are a few topics that should start the discussion:

1. Club Participation and Attendance—Our club has very good attendance at most of our functions, some even fantastic! So big thanks for that everyone and keep it coming. The board has focused on having large attendance, and providing value, over bringing in large sums of money for the many charities we support. We do donate to several charities, as well as scholarship’s

2. Club Focus---this one is like the first one as the Board has recognized that maintaining interest is key, and really needs to be addressed all the time. This means every year having two Golf Tournaments, many Happy Hours, NTW Week, Blues Hockey Night, Cardinals Night, Annual Dinner, International Night, Horse Hooky, Ladies Day, Holiday Party, LTNA National Convention, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Hands that Serve feeding the homeless, Kingdom House Christmas Toys, and supporting many other transportation related groups both locally and nationally. The club is trying to stay relevant and valued by not only having great events, but also having lots of different types of them throughout the year. As you can see our calendar of events is tremendous.

3. Maintaining an active Board--This is the part that Mr. Labit wanted me to discuss and push. Since I joined the board in 2004 it has changed, some even for the better. It used to be very rigid, and not very progressive. Now it is a board that is run by mostly just a few individuals. It can be said that it is mostly run by Brad Reinhardt who is President again. But the positives are we have a good website, and through Brad’s weekly employment bulletin, we are very much in the social media eye, even Nationally. Brad is the National President too of our National Group LTNA (a name he changed) and he is responsible for creating the fabulous YSCP (Young Supply Chain Professionals) group too. Our board evolves yearly but new faces jump in all the time such as the wonderful Wendy Topp and Amanda Foust. Of course, Todd Te Brink, Anna Hickman, Jimmy Smith, Mike Burke, Tom Komadina, Eric Schnyder, and Tim Collins all have functions they support or even run. Kelly Costello, and Jackie Gilliland are YSCP stars.

4. Conclusion---the club evolves, the board changes, but we are still very good at running the club. But we are ALWAYS NEEDING MORE PEOPLE TO STEP UP.

Have a great month,

AL Hursey

Giltner St. Louis