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Al's Corner


AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

              Two Big Events coming up in April

Hello everyone time for the RAINY April 2018 edition of Al’s Corner! I bet I have dozens of people who can’t wait for this monthly blog! I do wonder at times if my column is like my old friend Michael Tobin’s motivational videos he sends out on Face Book from time to time (not heard by very many). No, he probably has a lot more listeners than I do readers. You can reach him on face book. Mike does business and personal life coaching and is a unique person.

This month I am promoting:

The YSCP Happy Hour at “Milos on the Hill” is on April 12th. Free food provided by Giltner St. Louis, with a cash bar available. Please come out and support the YSCP new President Kelly Costello!!!

111th “St. Louis Transportation Clubs Annual Dinner” is April 18th. Happy Hour starts at 5 PM and a short program begins at 7pm. Tom Bertolino from Cass Information Systems will be discussing Transportation Pricing---"How we got here and where we are going.” Open bar and Networking goes from 5-9pm???

RECAP---Hockey Night: was on March 23rd and for 5th game in a row the St. Louis Blues won.  Around 90 people attended the Happy Hour at Fox Sports Midwest in the Fabulous Ball Park Village in downtown St. Louis and the Blues game. I know I say stuff like this all the time how good the food was, but this time it was awesomely good! Great cheeseburger and pork sliders, toasted ravs, pretzel bits with delicious cheese sauce, and veggies with tasty ranch dressing (my whole life has always been about the food!). The bartenders and servers were excellent too!  Tip of my cap to the staff at Fox Sports and to Brad Reinhardt for setting this entire event up.

This month’s enlightening topic---Try to Make a Difference.

Lately I have been thinking about many of the big issues of crime and violence in the U.S. and how we can help make it better. I have never been someone to just say “things will never get better.” Kind of like I hear many people say “thooooosssseee people are lazy,” while never looking in the mirror at themselves. Well to me a great start is getting involved with your YMCA, and your Local Churches. This is not to say there aren’t other great organizations out there, but these 2 offer a lot. Faith and its structure provides guidance for life values works if you follow and believe. The YMCA of Greater St. Louis is another awesome group that also provides Christian activities, structure, and a safe place for families to enjoy.

This note was a simple one that I could have gone on and on about, but I have chosen not to. I have become Board President at the Tri-cites YMCA in Granite City the last 2 years. I am totally committed to the Y financially, mentally, and my time. This group is making a difference!

The local churches have a big battle they are facing as many churches are failing. They are struggling with shrinking attendance, but the faith and structure is needed, and can provide many answers to our counties issues. Thou shall not kill, or steal are good commandments that would really help our troubles society. Loving others would help fix things to.

But my main conclusion about both groups, if we can get kids involved with these types of organizations early in their lives, things will get better.

Also, as adults we need to lead by example. I am trying to do just that!

AL Hursey

Giltner St. Louis