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AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

                     The Great Flood Returned in the Region

It is June 2017 so that means it is time for another Al’s Corner message. Ok, so last month we had the Spring Golf outing at Eagle Springs in North St. Louis and once again it was a big success.  Seventy-five golfers enjoyed a day that started bleakly with rain but ultimately turned into a nice summerlike afternoon. Great food, networking, laughs, drinks, and golf highlighted the day. The club also raised $520 for Stray Rescue.  Look for our next golf tournament in October.

May also is the International Night month and was a sellout of 150 people. This one was the first time in 10 years that both Brad Reinhardt and I missed. Congrats to International Trade Partners that made this another huge success.

What’s happening for fun this month? We have a Happy Hour at Sevens Lounge in the Casino Queen from 5-10. Free entry, free food, cash bar. If you have never been there it is SAFE (24 hours security vans), easy to get to, easy safe parking, and has great food. This is a very nice sports bar that for those who live on the St. Louis side is not well known, but should be.

Fun fact for June—a few days ago I met a very nice man in central Illinois who has been in the business for 44 successful years.  He told me that when he started out management said that in order for him to advance he would need a college education. So first he got a 2 year “mail order” type of degree from the College of Advanced Transportation.  I had never heard of it, or anything like it, nor does it appear that it still exists.  But it worked.  He went on to get his 4 year degree, I believe at Eastern Illinois, but it started there and the rest is history.

So this month’s message is about the weird (at least to me) huge, unbelievable flooding that we had last month. For the second time in a year Interstate 55 south of St. Louis was briefly closed along with parts of Interstate 44 west of St. Louis. This is not to forget the MANY other smaller roads that were covered too. I never would have imagined the water even getting close to the 55 bridge because at its normal pool it has to be 40 feet below it. So why has this happened not only once but a second time? My unscientific thought (from Brad Reinhardt) is that society has built dams for new housing and developments, thus funneling water into rivers and creeks that they can’t handle. Whatever it is something has really changed and we broke it, now we need to correct it. I haven’t heard anything about that part yet, and we better or this will continue to happen. I fear we may even see it be worse. Think about this, our area has I-55 running south, I-44 running southwest, I-64 thru the mid part, and I-70 east and west. If it gets worse half of our Interstates will be down, crippling not only our region, but Interstate commerce and transportation.

It is interesting to review history and note the number of times mankind has taken steps to impair its future prosperity.  Clearly not much learning from history, as we continue go down the same well-worn path.


Well that’s it,                      

Giltner St. Louis