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AL Hursey

Past President - Transportation Club of St. Louis  618-795-3672

         The Fabulous Ladies Day Holiday Luncheon

                                      Dec 8th

Welcome ladies and gents to the December 2017 addition of Al’s Corner. This month’s big event is the Ladies Day Holiday Luncheon.

This is one I will forever hold dear to my heart because of my respect and admiration of our women in transportation. The fun begins Dec. 8th at the 9th Street Abbey in Soulard at 10:30 am with an open bar until 2pm that includes lunch and flowers for the ladies. An afterglow continuation will be held just down the street at Llewellyn’s, just a block away after the event is over. Great Food, Great Fun, Great Networking and Great Friends. Get your holiday season off on a great foot going to this awesome venue and value ($60).

Don’t forget to bring a toy or two for the kids at Kingdom House. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

This month’s timely topic is not surprisingly about celebrating the joy of Christmas and the Holiday Season. With everything that has happened this year a fun/joyous season is very welcome. 2017 was incredibly hard with Floods, Earthquakes, 2 Hurricanes, homegrown/foreign Terrorism all over the place, and in this region social unrest and protests. I pray that everyone who reads this note takes a moment and gives thanks for the joys and pleasures you did have this year. Particularly express your love and fondness for those that are important to you. Take a moment and tell them how you feel, you will never regret doing so. Even pray and give thanks to the great one above no matter your faith if you want, its ok, enjoy!

So, I know this all sounds a little different from my normal notes. Perhaps I am being sentimental since I have a BIG birthday in December (love the party, not the new age I will be). Maybe a fun suggestion for my loyal readers (if I have any) would be to for you to stop from your busy schedule and think about your favorite gift you have ever received, or given? Mine given to me used to be a new basketball every year. Loved the imitation leather ones!!! How about the funniest Christmas moment, strangest, biggest surprise or something? I will leave you with this story--- I knew a person that would use a hairdryer to take or loosen the tape off Christmas gifts, so she could see in them, then put the tape back on.

Merry Christmas,

AL Hursey

Giltner St. Louis